The Young Country Doctor Book 3: Bilbury Revels (English Edition) por Vernon Coleman

The Young Country Doctor Book 3: Bilbury Revels (English Edition) por Vernon Coleman

Titulo del libro: The Young Country Doctor Book 3: Bilbury Revels (English Edition)

Autor: Vernon Coleman

Número de páginas: 576 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 24, 2014

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Vernon Coleman con The Young Country Doctor Book 3: Bilbury Revels (English Edition)

Bilbury Revels is the third in The Young Country Doctor series of books (though it can be read as an individual title) and continues the account of the doctor and his young wife, Patsy, who are settled happily at Bilbury Grange. Disaster strikes during a long, relentless storm which batters the village and blankets the whole area in a thick covering of snow. The doctor nearly loses his life and the village schoolteacher loses her cottage roof. The excitement really starts when the villagers join together to raise money to repair the devastated cottage. Vernon Coleman describes an old fashioned music hall evening (during which just about everything that can go wrong goes wrong), and one of the funniest cricket matches ever described is reported in chapters 16 and 17 (People's Friend magazine warned that this chapter was likely to produce so much uncontrollable laughter that it should not be read in public). There is also a village produce show where the locals compete to find out who has grown the biggest and best vegetables. And, as if all that were not enough, the doctor has to promote his first book. He travels to London, makes his first (and hilarious) television appearance and is invited to speak at a local village hall where things don't go entirely to plan. Vernon Coleman's comic books have been compared to Jerome K.Jerome's classic Three Men in a Boat. Vernon Coleman and his wife still lives in Bilbury - as do Thumper Robinson and Patchy Fogg et al.
This book was re-edited in 2014.
`Settling down with Vernon Coleman's latest book set in the Devonshire village of Bilbury is the one of the best restorative treatments I know for relieving the stresses and strains of modern living.' - Lincolnshire Echo
`Entertaining and amusing - full of humour and sharp characterisation.' - Sunday Independent
`Coleman handles the humour with the assured touch that comes from having already written a string of successful titles (and) manages to retain a heartwarming affection for his fellow man.' - Yorkshire Evening Post
`Very readable, funny and full of richly drawn characters.' Southern Evening Echo
`You can sniff the clean Devon air... Dr Coleman harnesses the essence of village life with a wealth of characters and strings them along on a tide of gentle humour.' Western Morning News
`Set in 1971, the mixture of rural beauty, human nature and the odd whisper of nostalgia make this book a real delight.' Western Gazette
Vernon Coleman studied medicine at Birmingham University in England and is still a registered GP. He has written over 100 books, including many international bestsellers, and his books, which have sold over two million copies in hardback and paperback in the UK alone have been translated into 24 languages. An award winning film starring Pauline Collins was made of his novel Mrs Caldicot's Cabbage War. His medical books include Bodypower and How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You. Vernon Coleman has presented hundreds of TV and radio programmes and has written columns and articles for many of the world's leading newspapers and magazines.
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Compulsive reading - The Guardian
The man is a national treasure - What doctors don't tell you
Revered guru of medicine -Nursing Times
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Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible - The Spectator
Probably one of the most brilliant men alive - Irish Times
King of the media docs - The Independent
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Britain's leading medical author - The Star
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