The Indie Author's Bible Workbook (English Edition) por Christopher Schmitz

The Indie Author's Bible Workbook (English Edition) por Christopher Schmitz

Titulo del libro: The Indie Author's Bible Workbook (English Edition)

Autor: Christopher Schmitz

Número de páginas: 129 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: December 26, 2018

Editor: TreeShaker Books

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Christopher Schmitz con The Indie Author's Bible Workbook (English Edition)

This Workbook is loaded with mix and match formulas, interactive worksheets, and fill-in the blank templates to help you craft sales pitches, think about distribution and pricing, and plan a successful book release. This is a MUST-HAVE for authors who are just starting out and who might not yet have a solid plan to address these issues.•Publishing path guide•Formating checklist•Book cost and price calculator•How to write a cover blurb•Book pitch formulas•New book launch timeline guide•Bookstore and Library sales planner•Goalsetting worksheet•Author biography templates•Press release template•Sample interview formulas•Query letter templates•Publishing flowcharts•And so much more...Are you writing a book and need help publishing? This book is for you: The Indie Author’s Bible and companion Workbook are stuffed full of guidance to help you start right & finish strong!“I’m writing a novel… what are the steps?”“My masterpiece is finished—where do I go now?”“My fiction series doesn’t fit with any mainstream publisher—how do I self-publish and do it right?”The Indie Author’s Bible books will show you how to get your manuscript independently published at zero cost, provided you can do the hard work required--you can be as successful as you want to be.The Indie world is a jungle and there are few well-beaten paths—but unlike you’d expect, even many of those safe-looking paths end in spike pits. If you want to navigate it safely, you should find a guide... like this book.These books are practical, step-by-step advice guides for any writer seeking to become an Indie author. They also cover some of the "why" aspects and peek beneath the scenes showing failures, successes, inside information, and encouragement for the ultimate do-it-yourselfer.